Tracing and Recovering Files Through DIY Data Recovery Software

A customer phoned in about his issue with RAID drives over his Mac Pro. His main problem was composed of the software RAID drives that were not recoverable. He told us that he tried a lot of possible fixes to the problem and that he also tried other software and programs to retrieve his files however they all failed. He then came across one of our software which is that Data Rescue 3 that is designed for Mac computers. Although he was a lot more confident in using this software, he wasn’t sure how to perform the necessary scans considering that the drives were configured as software RAID over his own OS. As soon as we got the details, we immediately assisted him in running the necessary scans.

After a few days, he called back and he stated that he was unsure on how to go about recovering his files. He tried opening some of the files but unfortunately, he got some pop up messages and errors and found that the files with corrupted and were already lost. I then assisted him in fixing this issue and recommended a few steps to take in order to retrieve his files. After a few tries and steps as well as browsing a files, we succeeded in recovering the files and he was happy to find his files back up again.

Digital and computer forensics is a growing field, and one that every IT professional should try to understand.