15kg Kitty Finds New Home

Fat cat Symba from Washington had a big wake up call this week when his previous owner dropped him off at the Humane Rescue Alliance centre after they couldn’t take him to their new assisted living centre – prompting staff to kick-start a strict diet plan for the podgy pussy.

Thankfully Symba, who gets out-of-breath every few steps, will be moving into a new home next week. Symba has 7kgs to lose before he reaches his goal of 8kgs. Part of the kitty’s new regime will be a cat-friendly exercise wheel and tricky food puzzles designed to make it impossible for him to feast on a whole bowl at once. The 6-year-old is currently bigger than a tiger cub, but his soft-touch has won over staff at the rescue centre, who have delighted Twitter users this week with a picture diary of the feline’s progress. 

It took just one day for Symba to find a new home. Speaking to WTTG, one of his new owners vowed to do what was necessary to get the kitty back into shape.

“We’re talking about putting his food on the other side of the room so he’s got to kind of work just a little bit to get his food and then take it from there. It’s kind of new territory for us. Our other two cats are normal sized”.