1 Blogging Lesson I Learned from Having Lunch with Rob Cubbon

Me and my wife Kelli enjoyed lunch with online course and eBook creating machine Rob Cubbon in Chiang Mai recently.

I’ve cyber known Rob for nearly 7 years. Yesterday marked our first offline meeting.

He has made Chiang Mai, Thailand an official haunt of his and you need not chase Kelli and I to Chiang Mai either. We adore the place.

Mr. Cubbon is as nice an individual as you will ever meet online OR offline. He is a wonderful human being and we had such a tremendous blast connecting with him live and in the flesh.

To those not in the know, Rob is one of the most well known digital nomads on the face of the earth. He is a pro’s pro at successfully creating and launching incredibly valuable courses through sites like Udemy and Teachable and he’s also released a score of highly successful eBooks for Amazon Kindle.

More than anything, my friend taught me one blogging lesson through our meeting that you can take to the bank.

Authenticity Rules

Rob has built his brand on being authentic.

He is genuine, funny, clever, self-deprecating and after our meet I can clearly say that what you see online is who you will meet, offline.

I spotted the same thing when I had lunch with Zac Johnson last year.

No deviation from the online guy and the offline guy. Not only that – in both cases – each highly successful, prospering dude built their brand on being honest, authentic, genuine and transparent.


Have you ever met a human being who has NOT screwed up at some point? Of course not. I became an island hopping pro blogger through a series of mix ups, mistakes, stumbles and screw ups. I failed my way here. Everybody does the same. Because we are human beings, fun-loving, fallible and error-prone.

Yet some struggling bloggers never share their screw ups. They fear sharing their mistakes because they believe it’ll make them look weak, when the opposite is true. Sharing your successes and mistakes makes you human, trustworthy and credible.

You succeed online by sharing success-promoting tips *and* by telling…..the *rest* of the story.

Ron does a fabulous job sharing wins and losses. He shares his successes. He shares his mistakes. He documents his journey then shares his finds with you through his blog, his courses and his eBooks.

Check out one of his latest posts:

HELP, I’ve Been Hacked!

Rob details the highly unpleasant experience of getting hacked.

He’s transparent as hell, taking full responsibility for the hack happening. Then he dives into how he solved the problem.


And this is the reason why the guy is so successful.

Take the same attitude with your blog by:

  • writing how you speak (I’m considering writing words like bawl or dawg of cawfee to stress my New Jersey accent)
  • write about your blogging successes and failures
  • take full ownership of all the seemingly cruddy things that happen in your blogging life
  • inject your personality into your blog; funny selfies, funny stories….go wild
  • share how you reached your wins and experienced failures, step by step
  • DO NOT try to imitate or mimic other bloggers in your niche

The Reason Why this Authentic Approach Works

Rob succeeds and Zac succeeds because they are credible, trustworthy guys. They tell their truth. They share what’s worked for them. They also share what has not worked too. Because they are genuine and truthful, like-minded folks who dig their blogs, their courses and their eBooks see these pros as being credible and simply buy what they have to offer, or subscribe to their email lists and usually buy something down the road. Even if they do not literally buy in they become brand ambassadors, spreading the word for these dynamos.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned recently?