1 Blogging Lesson I Learned from a Dog Named Yoda in Thailand

That’s Yoda.

And me.

Yoda is our little friend. We are watching him for the next 7 weeks in Thailand on a house sit.

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“How in the HECK can I get into house sitting?!”,

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When we walk him around town I feel like the Pied Piper. People smile at us. No approvingly. Laugh. Yoda wields that type of power here.

Yoda is different looking.

REALLY different looking.

He looks nothing like the Thai soi/street dogs. He looks not like farang/foreigner dogs. He is authentic. 1 of a kind in this sleepy little Thai village. He has bulbous eyes, a pug nose and he often labors to breathe after a 10 minute walk. His long tongue almost hits the ground after a few sprints for a tennis ball.

He is so freaking cute I want to squeeze him to death. You know that wave of violence overcoming all of us when we see something so cute but know not what to do with the energy.

Yoda teaches me – and you – an invaluable blogging lesson.

People Love Different

People love different. People love when we walk Yoda through the ‘hood – Thai and farang – because he is so different, and so endearing.

People may *like* living in their comfort zone. But people *love* different. Different is bold. Different is authentic. Different is eye-popping. Not different for the sake of being different. Nope. Different for the purpose of being….you.

Yoda is being him. He is a dog. A French Bulldog. His breed has certain genetic qualities. Pug nose. Cute bulbous eyes. Long tongue. Game attitude. Cuteness out the ying yang. He is just being him so he is different and people in the neighborhood love him for it.

How Can You Be Different as a Blogger?

Not by trying. You cannot be different by trying to be different. Doesn’t work that way. You come off as fake. A poser.

You are different by being YOU, through and through, to the core.

Example; I once told a story of how the inside of my toilet looked like a Jackson Pollock painting after a wicked bout of giardia in India. I told the story in my voice. My style. Different. But it took little effort. Because I was just being me. If we had coffee here in Chiang Mai I would tell you the story 1-on-1, just as I tell the same story via my blog.

This takes no effort. Because naturally, we are all ourselves.

Trying to FIT IN takes a crap load of effort. And you are penalized for fitting in. You just lost your different factor. You lost your uniqueness. You had to bust your tail to fit in. Look where it landed you.

Meanwhile, I am walking around like Yoda – who does in fact look like the 700 year old Star Wars character – telling my travel stories in my voice and linking them to blogging, standing out by being me and having fun as I expand my presence online….all through the power of being authentic.

Be different. By being you.

  • tell personal stories; link each to your niche
  • write 1,000 words daily for practice; allow your writing voice to surface
  • hang with authentic, genuine people; let them be shining examples for you
  • write how you speak

Take a lesson from Yoda. People love the guy. And he’s not even trying.

This is how you become endearing in the eyes of like-minded folks. How you build a one of a kind brand. How you succeed and have loads of fun in the process.

Be. Different.

By being you.